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Rules: Market Lambs

Market Lamb

1. This division is subject to the general rules and regulations and to these division rules.

2. Either ewes or wethers may be exhibited. Lambs must have been wethered prior to tag-in.

3. All market lamb entries must be ear tagged in both ears and nose printed at specified time on Schedule of Important Dates and Deadlines. An entry fee of $20.00 per exhibitor will be charged per lamb.

4. Market lambs will be ear tagged in both ears at specified time on Schedule of Important Dates and Deadlines. Market lambs must have both ear tags in ear when lamb comes to show. If the lamb loses one tag, the exhibitor must immediately contact the Committee Chairperson. If the lamb loses both ear tags, it will not be eligible to show. (In other words, if a lamb loses a tag, exhibitors must contact the above mentioned person to get the tag replaced before the second tag is lost.)

5. Exhibitors will be allowed to tag-in an unlimited number of lambs but only show one lamb.

6. All exhibitors in the same family unit may show any one of the lambs entered in his/her family unit name. All exhibitors’ names that want to show must be included in the family group. An exhibitor must abide by all other rules to be eligible to show. Exhibitor will designate at time of weigh-in in April which animal he or she will exhibit. No substitutions will be allowed after the animal has been weighed.

7. The market lambs must not weigh less than 85 pounds at the weigh-in when it comes to show. Lambs will have one opportunity to go across the official scales (at weigh-in during show); if animal does not make the weight, it will be (at Exhibitor’s request) backed off the scales, scales will be re-balanced, and animal will be re-weighed immediately. No weight tolerance will be allowed.

8. The lambs must be slick shorn (upward from the knee and hock) no more than 5 days before the weigh-in at show.

9. Each exhibitor must be able to show his or her lamb unassisted. No halters or lead rope will be allowed during judging or the showmanship contest.

10. All lambs will be shown in one class unless there are more than fifteen (15) lambs. Then they will be divided as the Market Lamb Committee deems necessary.

11. Thirty-five (35%) percent of the number of animals weighed in at show time or a maximum of ten (10) animals will be sold at the Youth Auction.

12. All market lamb exhibitors who had animals in the auction must be outside of the west end of the rodeo pens at time specified on the Schedule of Events on Saturday to load their animals.

13. No paint, powder, or artificial color can be used on the market lambs.

14. Market lambs will be nose printed at the time of check-in when it comes to show.

15. Market lambs exhibiting signs of pregnancy at show will be disqualified. The show judge or the Market Lamb Committee may determine pregnancy.

16. Exhibitor/parent/guardian found to alter the weight of an animal on the scales during weigh-in will cause the animal to be disqualified.

17. ETHICS RULE: Each exhibitor, his or her parent(s) and/or guardian(s) agrees to abide by the General and Special Rules published in the current year’s Livestock Catalog and/or amendments available at Tag-In. Any violation of these rules or any exhibitor and/or parent(s) guardian(s) found to have participated in unethical practice – i.e. (1) approaching buyers for the purpose of asking to exchange, return or purchase any sale item(s), (2) the showing of any animal that has been administered any unapproved/unlabeled medication – will forfeit all privileges, awards, premiums won and will be barred from exhibiting at further Cleveland Livestock Shows.

18. According to the State and Federal Scrapie Requirements: All ewe’s must have a Premise Identification ear tag Place before they come back to the show in April.




1. This contest is open to all FFA members and 4-H members showing market lambs.

2. Fitting, grooming and showmanship will be considered in selecting winners.

3. The showmanship contest will be held immediately after the judging is completed. There will be two age groups: Senior – exhibitors 14 years of age and older, and Junior – exhibitors under 14 years of age. Contestants will be grouped according to their age on the day of the show. Any market lamb exhibitor may enter this showmanship contest, but they must show their own animal.

4. The lamb judge will select the winners in the contest.

5. First and second place in each age division will receive a buckle.

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